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Handcrafted in New England 

Introducing the all NEW Nauti Seltzer
We've developed the best tasting hard seltzer on the market!
Our new recipe is gluten free, only 100 calories, low carb, and low sugar.
Blueberry Lemonade has returned along with 3 new flavors, Black Cherry, Mixed Berry, and Watermelon.
To top it off...we have our new 16oz. EXTRA Nauti in Black Cherry & Mixed Berry avalable in 4 packs.
Keep your eye out for these new flavors in 6 packs and in the 12 pack Party Pack at your favorite
local stores.  For full nutritional information, please visit our about page and to find
a Nauti Seltzer dealer near you, visit our locate page!
For information on any of our Nauti Seltzer products, please email us!  
We'd love to hear from you.
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